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Aerial Solution Breakdown

Aerial Savings

With modern technology, we install data collecting systems to capture your needs for less.

Manned - $2000-$4,000+ hourly

Surveying Time

Drone survey can reduce workflow up to 76% for client deliverables.

mapping - 1 to 3 day delivery


Turnaround Time

  • US
  • THEM


We process our photos for delivery into a single large map, elevation map, and plant health (NDVI) for our customers. Delivery is within 3-4 days after flight.


Delivery is within 3-5 days after the flight, up to 40 photos. Post-production software consists of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.


On-site, we gather base measurements to cross-check our aerial data. We use GPS data gathering techniques to implement into our mapping for up to 2mm accuracy. Delivery time is typically under 5 days depending on the size of the project.

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