Our on-site coverage time starts at 8 hours, but we offer full-day coverage as well. All our packages, with the exception of our Essential package, include a second photographer to capture a different perspective of the same moment in time.


We put hours into editing your event so that your moments will last a lifetime. All packages include 500+ photos with generalized improvements such as color correction and exposure adjustments, as well as 150 detailed edits, including split tone coloring, spot removal, skin tone adjustments, etc.


Most of our clients want a highlight video of their event, and we firmly believe in “ask, and you’ll receive”, so we’ve catered our video package for just that: A Highlight. Imagine 6-8 minutes of your special day with 2 songs that encompass your dedication to each other.


Choosing cloud-based upload and download is a no-brainer. Using Dropbox, we send links to your downloadable media. This is our preferred method and our peace of mind. More traditional media delivery systems are made available, such as jump drives and even DVD’s.


    • 8 Hours of Coverage
    • 150 Detailed Edits
    • 500+ Total Images
    • Downloadable Finalized Media
  • Cine-only
    • 1 Videographer for 8 hours
    • A 5-8 minute highlight reel of your event
    • Downloadable finalized media
    • Movie poster from a chosen event image
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